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Legal Assistance In The Administration Of An Estate

After the passing of a loved one, clients are often confused and uncertain about the future and what they need to do. At the Law Offices of David W. Olsen, we understand the difficulties of administering an estate during a period of mourning and we can help. With our firm, you will work closely with an experienced and trusted attorney who will offer guidance and assistance throughout the estate and trust administration processes. Mr. Olsen can provide support and education, ensuring that your loved one's estate is distributed efficiently and according to his or her wishes.

For over 25 years, attorney David Olsen has vigorously represented clients throughout Suffolk County in estate and trust administration. Executors and trustees can rely on Mr. Olsen's extensive experience and breadth of knowledge to ensure that estates are administered equitably, efficiently and in a manner that minimizes the likelihood of disputes. Mr. Olsen is accessible to his clients and can address any question or concern you may have during this complicated and emotionally difficult process. To learn more about how our firm can support you, contact us online or call 631-354-0147.

Experienced. Educated. Respected.

Estate administration is a broad term encompassing a range of legal processes occurring after the passing of a loved one. Many of these processes are complex and subject to ever-changing state laws. An experienced estate administration attorney can guide you through this difficult legal terrain and also protect you if conflicts arise.

At the Law Offices of David W. Olsen, we can assist in the proper payment of any claims and arrange for the proper distribution of the estate based on the deceased's trust and estate documents. In addition, drawing on his master's degree in taxation from Georgetown, Mr. Olsen can handle all your taxation and estate accounting issues, including the preparation of necessary tax returns.

If your loved one did not leave behind a will, our trusted firm can help you navigate New York law so that all property and assets will be distributed to the proper heirs. We can also resolve disputes that may arise during the probate process.

Protecting Your Rights And Your Interests

At our Commack-based firm, we can help you administer an estate fairly, efficiently and in a manner that avoids disputes. Our founder and lead attorney, David Olsen, has practiced exclusively in New York estate planning and administration for over 25 years and has the experience and foresight to ensure that your estate and trust matters are handled properly.

Protect your rights and interests with our trusted firm. Call the Law Offices of David W. Olsen today at 631-354-0147 or contact us via email.

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